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I love books. I was an English major at university and I believe a love of reading is the magic key that opens the doors of possibility for anyone and everyone. This year Gina’s Team was allowed to start three book clubs based on an idea called Changing Lives Through Literacy, started in Lowell, MA, many years ago.

It look several miracles to get it started. Miracle #1, convince the prison to allow it. Miracle #2, find volunteers who want to facilitate the meetings. Miracle #3, find the right amount of books for each yard. Miracle #4, convince the women it was a good idea. Thanks to Jeanne Robinson, president of our board, who took up the responsibility to make it happen. Thanks to Jessica’s Operation Orange and Penguin Books who donated books in multiple copies for the clubs.

The clubs started in February. Now we have dedicated volunteers who trek out to PV to keep the energy and momentum going for these women inside. I’m particularly grateful to Sara Dobie a talented writer, who just blogged about her experience. She has summed up the emotions and fears of every volunteer when they enter prison for the first time. Fear, trepidation and then elation. Thanks, Sara, for making a difference.


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