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Our little grass roots organization started in 2009 when I was released from prison. Gina’s parents Chris and Diane waited for my release to start Gina’s Team, the dream we shared after Gina’s death in 2003. Thanks to the kindness and shared passion of others, the dream has grown and flourished. Our belief that “Education, not incarceration, is the cheapest form of crime prevention” is taking hold and we are grateful for our board, our advisory board and all our volunteers. YOU make a difference.

Recently I got a call from Channel 3, Arizona’s Family. They were interested in doing a story. I was thrilled to be able to shine some attention on all the volunteers who work to make our dream a reality. Thanks to Channel 3 and Brandy for creating such a terrific message for us. Here is the link to the story.


To add to our celebration, we have a new logo, thanks to the brilliant and creative AlexLadinsinsky.

   GT Logo

Unfortunately I don’t know how to wave the magic blog wand and poof the real picture into my blog like the rest of my blogger friends do. You’ll have to click on the pdf  file to open it and hopefully oooh and ahhh. We really like it. Gina’s favorite flower was the sunflower. This represents hope behind the wires with the leaf growing through the wire in spite of everything. We are ever hopeful.

May you never lose hope and continue to make a positive difference in the worl…inside or out. Let me know how your passion is manifesting as you make a difference. Thanks.

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