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My friend Isadora recently wrote a brilliant article about the purchasing power of women. Isadora is a thoughtful and compelling writer. I love her for many reasons. One is because she faithfully drives over 100 miles round trip to teach writing at the women’s prison for our organization, Gina’s Team. Over the last two and a half years, she has touched the lives of  many of the women inside with her talent and cheerful optimism. Her most recent blog will touch the lives of many women who are tired of being overlooked by corporations and Madison Avenue as the decision-makers and consumers of the day. Check out her statistics.  Please read her eloquent words and pass it on.  You won’t be sorry.


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I hope you are having a loving and meaningful holiday season. Gina’s Team has been wonderfully blessed to be able to share with the too often forgotten human beings languishing inside. We have sent about 200 Christmas cards to inmates and for the second year through the generosity of Logos Center, were able to gift the 112 girls at the juvenile facility we serve with their own stuffed animal. It’s an entirely new group of girls this year who echoed the words of the girls last Christmas. They told us they had never had their own stuffed animal in their life. In high school I told all my troubles to the stuffed animals on my bed. Didn’t you?  Wonderful what a simple stuffed animal can do.

Diane & Chris Panetta, Gina’s parents, at Mingus with the animals

We were blessed to gift them with such a simple thing. Christmas is all about the gift. I have had many gifts this year,  chiefly the gifts of human spirit. If I named every person who has been a part of the team this year, the list would stretch from here to Sedona. They know who they are. They are every volunteer who wanted to help, every girl in the juvenile facility, every woman in prison or jail, every person who shares our vision that everyone, inside or out, deserves a chance and “Education, not incarceration, is the cheapest form of crime prevention.” They are blessed to be able to share and blessed to be in need.  There is a season for it all.

I’m late with this because my 5th surgery really did exhaust me and I am far behind. However, I wanted to share this “gift” with you. My darling friend, Renee Morgan Brooks, performs ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ better than anyone I have ever heard. Most people just sing the song. Renee takes you to the manger to be there with the family.  Even though Christmas is past, I urge you to give yourself a gift and listen to Renee’s gift of song.

Love and blessings to you all.

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