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No words needed

Close your eyes and listen. In the silence, can you hear the voices of your children, your partner, the people you most love? We’re so used to all those voices that sometimes we wish they would just BE QUIET. HUSH. Or even SHUT UP.

Now, close your eyes and think: what would it be like if they were forever silenced and you longed to hear their voices just once more. That’s what’s happened to me when David died. In this age of technology, with magical phones that create videos instantly, David and I never did that. We took pictures. That’s our generation. We took pictures but we never thought of the phone as a tool to make a movie, a small, intimate family love letter or greeting card to mark each year and have as a treasure forever.

How many seconds does it take to say, “I love you, Darling. I love our life and the way you make a garden grow and always hold my hand wherever we go anywhere. I appreciate the way you take care of the car and take out the garbage. I love your blue eyes and the way you dance. I love everything about you. Thank you for loving me.”  We could have both done that and now I would be playing it over and over. I have nothing with his voice on it, not one thing. I see his face in the pictures but I Miss His Voice.

Right Now, Today, use your magic phone to make a movie greeting card for each person you love. It’s a love letter, a gift, a magical memory. Do it once or do it every year at Thanksgiving or your birthday or Christmas and keep it safe. It may just be the best gift you ever give.

And in case you have any doubts at all about the power of this, watch this brief video. YOU have the power to make a huge difference in the life of someone you love. What could be better than that?


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Do you ever feel like you are in the dark without a light in the tunnel? Then suddenly a blinding light appears and it turns out to be an oncoming freight train? That’s what social media feels like to me, an oncoming freight train. See how old I am. I should be saying something like an oncoming rocket launcher. Freight trains are outdated.

Social media is NOW. It is instant. It is our connection with the world. I’m on Facebook and Linked in, even Twitter but I never remember to do it. I have a hard enough time remembering to blog. I love to write and I would be blogging every day except that email and Facebook and all the other instant demands are tugging at me minute to minute. My friend Sara Dobie has a fantastic blog full of music and pictures. (www.saradobie.wordpress.com)  Another friend, Leigh at www.liveyourbliss.wordpress.com , puts videos in hers…of gorgeous Brazil, no less. I’m good to just get the words down.

I have just spent an entire day at this computer and I’m not sure I’ve accomplished anything. It is a very deep compelling and dark hole. Am I the only one who feels this way?

Remember where you were in 2002? Then think about where you are now, I mean with social media. In 2002, there was no Facebook. Twitter was something the birds did and a link was for a bracelet or a handcuff. Recently someone sent me a request for something called Tubely. Oh dear lord. I politely send a message back that I had all I could handle with FB and LI. Seriously do we need anything else?

In prison there are so few choices. A professor friend of mine told me that a free person makes about 6,000 decisions a day. 6,000! What time to get up, what to eat, what to wear, where to go, when to go, what to do. The list is endless. He said the average inmate makes about 600 decisions a day. I believe it. I will never forget the restrictions. That is why it is so very difficult to readjust to society upon release. The light at the end of the tunnel (release) becomes the light of a blinding oncoming rocket launcher. It can be terrifying.

I’d love to hear that I am not the only one having challenges with all this social media. It would make me feel slightly better about my very slow trek up the social media mountain. And I could share it with newly released inmates who really feel intimidated. I’ve said before, it’s like being in a cave and suddenly being shoved into the light. It’s blinding.

Normally, I have something uplifting to say in my blog. Today I feel like I’m venting. I really love the miracle of Facebook. I’m connecting with people from high school I haven’t seen since 1963!! That is amazing and fun and, yes, a miracle. But I’m still venting because I feel like I’m so far behind. Would somebody please tell me a story to weave away the intimidation of it all? I’d be so grateful.

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