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We make plans. We set goals. And then LIFE happens. Somehow those plans and goals don’t always work out.  Broken hearts, betrayals, divorce, job loss, death of loved ones, cancer, even prison. So many things can go wrong and frequently do.

This is a link to a beautifully written blog about plans and dashed plans that touched me deeply. It is about accepting the reality of the journey and realizing that the journey is EVERYTHING. When people do accept it, their lives open up in ways they never imagined.

If you are going through one of Life’s “gifts” wrapped up in tears, trials, and heartbreak, you may find comfort in this blog, The Soul’s Plan.”



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Last year through the miracle of WordPress blogs, Leigh Hopkins in Brazil and yours truly in Arizona connected and a wonderful friendship was born. Leigh always inspires me. Today she honored me with taking some questions I had recently asked and beautifully expanding them in her blog. Especially at this time of year they are worth answering. Perhaps it can be the start of a new tradition for New Years.  I encourage you to check out these questions on Leigh’s blog Live Your Bliss and explore the rest of her entire site. She is the perfect example of how turning your life upside down in the USA and ending up in Brazil was the best thing she could have ever done. Don’t just read our questions, answer them. May they be the beginning of an meaningful and insightful 2012.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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